New Book: Sacraments After Christendom

by Andrew Francis and Janet Sutton

Review by Ben on Goodreads (5/5)

Insightful and useful book about how the church can reconsider sacraments in light of all the changes that have happened and continue to happen in society. Rather than simply offering one size fits all solutions, the authors offer their own reflections and a useful framework to undertake one’s own reflections on sacraments, which is a much richer and more helpful approach. Well worth reading.

Available here

One thought on “New Book: Sacraments After Christendom

  1. hotnewstrendingonline

    The Catholic Church is responsible for the administration of about one-fifth of the world’s religious beliefs. Regardless of your perception, The Catholic Church is a powerful institution that continues to exert influence on millions worldwide. The Catholic Church has achieved this through its various sacraments and rites which give life to its members in a variety of ways.


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